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@gbdennis wrote:

ok.. got the logs going and my issue looks similar to sydneyguy’s (but not quite the same)

on scan completion…

Registering rendezvous names
2007-05-29 19:40:43 (00000400): Serving 0 songs. Startup complete in 1 seconds
2007-05-29 19:42:27 (00000400): Rescanning database
2007-05-29 19:46:57 (00006403): Thread 23: Entering ws_returnerror (302: Moved)
2007-05-29 19:50:55 (00000400): Rendezvous socket closed (daap server crashed?) Aborting.
2007-05-29 19:50:55: Aborting

Run this with a -d9 and you’ll probably get more info. Perhaps a song that it tries to scan and crashes while doing so.

— Ron