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@belu wrote:

The flac standard-filelds are there:

A proposal for a larger list is here:

I don’t think that all these tags are relevant for FF, so there is no need to include many of them.

But since there are already suitable MP4-entries for:


in the FF database anyway, these at least should be included for flac as well (although they are not flac-Standard, MP3TAG-Users might want to add them to their songs to have the same information as in their m4a-files).

I don’t know whether it is possible just to scan all the Standard field-names of, say, the MP3-, the Vorbis- and the M4A-tags (only to the extend that it is useful for the FF-database, of course) in ALL kinds of song-files. So we can be sure that most of the relevant information will be found – whatever Tag-name is used.
That would give a “next to standard”-way of including those non-standard fileds which are useful.

Thanks for all your efforts!

Here is the up-to-date list of tags parsed:

I’ve got the url you listed attached to the feature request, which I have marked as to be done before next stable.

— Ron