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@hamfactorial wrote:

I’m using mt-daapd-0.2.4 on my home server running Gentoo. I can connect to my server and see all of my music in tunesbrowser (mp3 only), banshee and rhythmbox (FLAC and mp3).

The FLAC files don’t have any tags, according to banshee and rhythmbox. I’ve verified that all of my files have the correct tags in Vorbis format. Here’s an example of the tagging structure of my music:

metaflac --list Joss Stone - Mind Body & Soul - Special Edition - 01 - Right to Be Wrong.flac
METADATA block #0
type: 0 (STREAMINFO)
is last: false
length: 34
minumum blocksize: 4608 samples
maximum blocksize: 4608 samples
minimum framesize: 14 bytes
maximum framesize: 14757 bytes
sample_rate: 44100 Hz
channels: 2
bits-per-sample: 16
total samples: 12390336
MD5 signature: 58b75d443e956356ea80d993c68e4b4c
METADATA block #1
type: 3 (SEEKTABLE)
is last: false
length: 504
seek points: 28
point 0: sample_number=0, stream_offset=0, frame_samples=4608
point 1: sample_number=442368, stream_offset=848185, frame_samples=4608
point 2: sample_number=884736, stream_offset=1720032, frame_samples=4608
point 3: sample_number=1327104, stream_offset=2669189, frame_samples=4608
point 4: sample_number=1769472, stream_offset=3719583, frame_samples=4608
point 5: sample_number=2211840, stream_offset=4713919, frame_samples=4608
point 6: sample_number=2654208, stream_offset=5741924, frame_samples=4608
point 7: sample_number=3096576, stream_offset=6774509, frame_samples=4608
point 8: sample_number=3538944, stream_offset=7934350, frame_samples=4608
point 9: sample_number=3981312, stream_offset=9192911, frame_samples=4608
point 10: sample_number=4423680, stream_offset=10442044, frame_samples=4608
point 11: sample_number=4866048, stream_offset=11664862, frame_samples=4608
point 12: sample_number=5308416, stream_offset=12836766, frame_samples=4608
point 13: sample_number=5750784, stream_offset=14119896, frame_samples=4608
point 14: sample_number=6193152, stream_offset=15386039, frame_samples=4608
point 15: sample_number=6635520, stream_offset=16478358, frame_samples=4608
point 16: sample_number=7077888, stream_offset=17530628, frame_samples=4608
point 17: sample_number=7520256, stream_offset=18537132, frame_samples=4608
point 18: sample_number=7962624, stream_offset=19575905, frame_samples=4608
point 19: sample_number=8404992, stream_offset=20575421, frame_samples=4608
point 20: sample_number=8847360, stream_offset=21731518, frame_samples=4608
point 21: sample_number=9289728, stream_offset=22967026, frame_samples=4608
point 22: sample_number=9732096, stream_offset=24211811, frame_samples=4608
point 23: sample_number=10174464, stream_offset=25421705, frame_samples=4608
point 24: sample_number=10616832, stream_offset=26375205, frame_samples=4608
point 25: sample_number=11059200, stream_offset=27336092, frame_samples=4608
point 26: sample_number=11501568, stream_offset=28420482, frame_samples=4608
point 27: sample_number=11943936, stream_offset=29561148, frame_samples=4608
METADATA block #2
is last: false
length: 786
vendor string: reference libFLAC 1.1.2 20050205
comments: 24
comment[0]: TRACKTOTAL=17
comment[1]: GENRE=Blues
comment[2]: REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_PEAK=1.00000000
comment[3]: REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN=-8.88 dB
comment[4]: REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_PEAK=1.00000000
comment[5]: REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN=-9.24 dB
comment[6]: album=Mind Body & Soul - Special Edition
comment[7]: asin=B000BO0KKU
comment[8]: albumartistsort=Stone, Joss
comment[9]: musicbrainz_artistid=dbbc47a5-1338-4830-9298-a8d0b11c0a46
comment[10]: artist=Joss Stone
comment[11]: compilation=1
comment[12]: title=Right to Be Wrong
comment[13]: releasetype=album
comment[14]: releasecountry=US
comment[15]: musicbrainz_albumid=08d53e05-4a65-46ea-bc74-96781a979d20
comment[16]: releasestatus=official
comment[17]: totaltracks=17
comment[18]: albumartist=Joss Stone
comment[19]: musicbrainz_albumartistid=dbbc47a5-1338-4830-9298-a8d0b11c0a46
comment[20]: date=2005
comment[21]: tracknumber=1
comment[22]: artistsort=Stone, Joss
comment[23]: musicbrainz_trackid=e5e61b03-f58c-49b3-98c4-727e046468d2
METADATA block #3
type: 1 (PADDING)
is last: true
length: 3488

I copied a few files over to my laptop, and banshee/rhythmbox both read the tags correctly. This leads me to believe (correctly, I hope) that mt-daapd isn’t reading the vorbis tags.

In the interest of being thorough, I transcoded an album in FLAC format into Vorbis in an ogg container with the same tags with

oggenc -q3 *.flac

and reloaded mt-daapd.

The album showed up correctly, with the appropriate tags and song lengths for all files therein.

What’s going on?

0.2.4 doesn’t support transcoding or metadata retreival for anything other than aac or mp3.

Gentoo has a more recent version in portage.

— Ron