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@Goenk wrote:

Whenever I edit my smart playlists, I wish that I could “try” the playlist query, to see if it gets the songs i planned for it to get — this verification can be rather difficult using only my SoundBridge, since it doesn’t give an overview of all the songs (well it does, bi i can only see the results on at the time, so it’s basically useless).

A quick “try this query” button, displaying the songs (perhaps just the top of the list, say 100 items) in a simple table, would be so very useful for writing complex queries.

That’s a good idea. Or at least a count of items. That should be easy enough to implement.

— Ron

Oh. p.s. If you make it in the smart playlist page, there is a supersecret page (/playlist.html) that will let you see the contents of it.

— Ron