Reply To: "top … order by" Syntax for smart playlists


@Goenk wrote:

I think it would be really useful to be able to limit a smart-playlist to the top n entries, based on some kind of ordering (could be just a single column and a direction).

The combination of sort and top makes it useful, even if the songs are returned in a different order: with it, i could make smart playlists like the following:
– “get the 20 newest songs”
– “get the 100 best rated punk-rock songs”
– “get the 25 least played songs”
– etc., etc.

Actually, I believe that this would satisfy quite a lot of the request I’ve seen on this forum.

I do realize that SQLite does not have a “top” operator, but I’m guessing that truncating the result-list could be done rather easily in code, and i checked that is has got the “order by” functionality that is needed for this to work efficiently.[/list]

Yup. This is far and away the biggest request. I want to not do it using sql, though — I have to have a way to do it for non-sql backends as well, which sort of complicates it, but yeah, that’s something I want too..

— Ron