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I’m running into a similar problem as the OP. I can’t get the playlists setup properly even tho the music is recognized fine.
On my mac my music is located on /Volumes/External/iTunes/
I have a nightly cron job setup to rsync the majority (ignoring Podcasts) of that music onto my NSLU2 (running Etch and mt-daapd 0.2.4+r1376-1)

on the NSLU2 the mp3_dir = /drive2/samba/Music/
i also have:
process_m3u = 1
process_xml = 1
playlist = /drive2/samba/Music/Library.xml

in the Library file it shows Music Folderfile://localhost/Volumes/External/iTunes/
do i need to modify the entire file to change the pathing for the slug before the rsync?