Reply To: svn-1586 etch arm NSLU2: ‘config file not writable’ error


@MrE wrote:

The web interface show the message ‘Your config file is not writable, you can not change anything using this webpage’

The permissions on mt-daapd.conf are -rw-rw-r–, the same as on my desktop (Kubuntu feisty) which runs snv-1376 without this error.

It doesn’t seem to cause much of a problem, other than that I can’t use the web interface to make changes to the configuration…

The daemon runs as guest.

They are probably owned by group and user root — which makes them group read/writeable and world read-only, so it probably *is* only read-only for guest.

Try either chowning it to guest, or (the cheesy not-secure-for-multiuser-systems way) chmod 666 /opt/etc/mt-daapd/mt-daapd.conf