Reply To: NSLU2 – not advertising on UDP 5353?


@dugbee wrote:

Just a single IP. One weird thing I did notice in the mt-daapd log is something that says “mDNSPlatformRawTime went backwards by 4 ticks; setting correction factor to -2120540468”

There aren’t any odd packages that are installed – we did a fairly minimal config with sshd, mt-daapd, a few utilities to get netstat and lsof and such.

I’m only randomly at my PC so I can’t IRC. Thanks for your quick responses!

Is this 0.2.4, or nightlies?

The log doesn’t say anything about bonjour not starting? That’s kind of strange.

Is the roku wired or wireless?

And if you use iTunes on a wired network the same as the firefly server, do you see it?