Reply To: NSLU2 – not advertising on UDP 5353?


@dugbee wrote:

Hi all.

I have an NSLU2, running SVN-1528. A couple of Roku M500s. Everything works perfectly. It’s unslung with 6.8. Everything works perfectly.

A friend of mine also has an NSLU2, with the same firmware. His does NOT work. For some reason, he only sees 3 mt-daapd processes (I have 4). The web server responds fine, scans through the songs, etc. It just won’t show up on the Roku.

When we do a netstat, I see that my box shows a UDP port of 5353, I know that it should be advertising on that port.

When he does a netstat, no such port is available. I’ve looked through the logs (even with -d 9) and can’t see much, or don’t know what I’m looking for.

What would prevent that 4th process from launching and advertising on 5353? Thanks very much!

Running it with “-m”, or running another mdns process (avahi-daemon, maybe?) would do that.

If you are running avahi, then change /opt/etc/init.d/S60mt-daapd to run with -m and set up the avahi config to advertise the daap share.

If you are running avahi but don’t really need to, then stop the daemon and re-start mt-daapd, and it should come up.

— Ron