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@amichelf wrote:

I have a similar issue. I also copy all the datea from the PC to the NSL. When I create a playlist in itunes and copy the xml to the mp3 folder on the NSL some files are visible in the playlist while others don’t.

Any idea?

EDIT: It looks like my problem was the UFT character issue similar to:

The iTunes xml file is encoded in utf-8 already, so it’s not the playlist. It is completely possible that the filenames on-disk *aren’t* utf-8, the only way to fix that would be perhaps to iconv the .xml file from utf-8 to whatever your local codepage is, or whatever codepage the on-disk filenames are.

Much easier to fix your samba from the get-go to save filenames in utf-8 *before* you copy your music over, but once it’s there you can probably use a tool like:

or something else to move your filenames from codepage to utf-8.

In either case, to help either of you, I need your songs.db (or songs3.db, whichever) and a copy of your iTunes Music Library.xml to help debug it.

You can zip and email them to [email protected]

— Ron