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i have some trouble with my firefly server running on a NSLU2.
This is my Setup:
1. desktop PC with Windows, on drive F:my_music all the mp3s and also itunes running
2. NSLU2 with unslung and firefly running
3. A 320GB Maxtor ontouch III with a copy of above mentioned mp3s

The firefly runs on the NSLU2 and serves the mp3s from the maxtor drive.
Access from Soundbridge is fine, no trouble.

Then I copied my itunes .xml file onto the NSLU2, because I have some playlits I want to use.
The Soundbridge finds the Playlists, but they are empty. I am sure this is because of the path setup within the .xml file.
The path to the songs is something like file://localhost/F/my_music.
On the NSLU2 the mp3s are stored in the folder mp3. Windows can find them under Severname/Disk 2/mp3.

Now my question: How do I have to set the path within the xml file ?
Any Idea ?

Thanks a lot !
Axel ❓

So you copied the whole directory try from f:my_music to \serverdisk 2mp3?

Is there a “my_music” directory under mp3?

If so, you should be able to drop the xml file there.