Reply To: NAS or PC?


@DaveS2007 wrote:

Is there any performance between a Firefly running on NAS (266MHz or above) and a PC? If yes, is the difference significant or very little?

I have a 20,000 song library on a Terastation Pro. I have a PC an unSlung NSLU2 both running Firefly. I have soundbridge music clients. When I access the NSLU2 Firefly server, it takes 5 seconds to connect and upwards to 10-12 seconds just to give me the artist list. After that, it’s very fast since I’ve indexed the Artist/Album attributes on the database.

When I access the PC Firefly server, connecting to the server and displaying the artist list are both nearly instantaneous.

Still – when you consider price/performance, it’s hard to beat a slug. While it is slow, it is extremely stable.