Reply To: FLAC streaming from firefly on DNS-323


@RustyF wrote:

Hi there

Installed and streaming mp3 from DNS-323 NAS to iTunes on MAC OSX perfectly (thanks folks!)

However, most of my collection is FLAC so I’m hoping to trascode these too. But none of them work. They are listed in iTunes but when I play one, iTunes just stalls until I select another. Log says “remote connection broken (or something like that…?).

Given that the DNS-323 is ARM-based, i just wondering if this is actually possible? Should it work? Has anyone?

I could host firefly on the MAC, itself but AFAIK FLAC on MAC is dead too?

Assistance welcome!

It will work, but you need to configure it with –enable-flac, and have the libflac and libvorbisfile libraries available. In addition, it will use the command line “flac” command to do the actual transcoding, so you’ll need that installed as well.

Once you’ve done that, look at the ssc_script and ssc_codecs configuration options… those are the ones that control transcoding.

– Ron