Reply To: (full) scan takes 99% of cpu and seems to have crashed


@Tentative wrote:

I installed successfully mt-daap 0.24 on Ubuntu Feisty PPC (eMac G4 1.42ghz).
When the database is created for the first time (with normal scan mode) everything works fine. It takes about 5 minutes and the mt-daapd thread takes 5-10% of the cpu.

But after, when I start a scan or a full scan the thread mt-daapd takes 99% of the cpu and it seems not to really scan the music folder…

I waited 30 mn, but nothing happened the number of scanned file didn’t increase (on the web interface).

PS : the folder contains about 4000 mp3s.

Use the web interface to set a logfile & set the debuglevel up to 5 or so, then see what it’s doing.

Also, is it possible you have a symlink loop?