Reply To: Installing Firefly on DLink DSM-G600


@SirAiwa wrote:

I’m still not sure what I have to do to make ffs work, being a linux ignorant. Trying to do a Win comparison: do I have to install something, simply run an executable file from that batch fun_plug, get the linux on the dlink run a service…? Again just point me to some adequate posts if you can, and some pretty good time will be saved.

Seems like the fun_plug is essentially a script that gets run on startup. Folks use it (apparently) to start non-sanctioned stuff on the machine (like firefly).

Here: seems to be a HOWTO on installing the older stable version (0.2.4). Didn’t see anything on a version of nightlies, but it looks like there are at least some people on the dsm lists that are interested in getting unslung optware running on it, and once that happens, then you’ll be able to easily install anything.

Also, this:
looks to be the best place for asking questions about the dsm-g600.

— Ron