Reply To: Installing Firefly on DLink DSM-G600


Thanks Ron!

I’ll check the other editors (indeed that vi is quite ugly, looks like the old Apple-IIe editors I used to play with, back at the stone age). As for telnet, this is the first time I’ve ever telnetted anything, so I have no clue yet what is better than what, but I appreciate the hints.

Sooner or later I will make the dlink do the job, I’m sure. And will share the recipe here. Maybe you could help me getting a few steps back (or pointing me to a forum post about that):

I’m still not sure what I have to do to make ffs work, being a linux ignorant. Trying to do a Win comparison: do I have to install something, simply run an executable file from that batch fun_plug, get the linux on the dlink run a service…? Again just point me to some adequate posts if you can, and some pretty good time will be saved.