Reply To: Installing Firefly on DLink DSM-G600


@SirAiwa wrote:

Another couple of hours spent getting nowhere…

First, a reminder: you won’t be able to edit the fun_plug file on your windows computer with ‘normal’ editors. The file must be edited on unix format. I used editor for that.

Next: I believe I’ll have to enable telnet on the DSM. There’s a wiki howto on the same site as the previous post. That one worked perfectly, so now I can Telnet onto my dlink (whatever good that is for).

Any further help will be appreciated, or I’ll keep posting in about a week…

You’ll probably get farther using “putty” for telnet rather than the built-in telnet program, so do check that out.

Also, you can use a windows editor, just have to use one that will do different line endings. On windows, I use PSPad, because it supports windows, mac and unix line endings, as well as different encoding styles. Notepad++ will do multiple line-endings as well, so if you are anti-vi (as I am), then you can use a nicer editor and still edit unix-style files.

As far as the dlink goes, I can’t help much — I don’t have one, or have access to one. Hopefully someone else around here can offer more help.

If you do end up with a slug, there are lots of people here that can help you get set up.

Good luck either way.

— Ron