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@Ephilei wrote:

Wow, I thought that was a stupid question. Thanks. Somehow I missed that advanced options link.

I have the latest version of Firefly, but I only got the name of database by reading other forum posts. I’ve tried just rescanning, but that hasn’t worked. The database always gets stuck after only scanning one directory. Unfortunately, deleting the database didn’t work – it still only scans the same directory. I changed the Music Folder but it still doesn’t scan all the sub directories, but I can’t figure what’s so special about those directories.

Does it crash, or does it justnot scan the stuff? If it doesnt’ scan it, it’s because of permissions, as stretch noted. Or possibly because it’s a music format that it doesn’t understand (isn’t included in the “extensions” config entry).

If it crashes, it’s probably a malformed tag. If you run it with a debuglevel of 5, you’ll see what its trying to scan, and find the bad file that way.