Reply To: Error: 500general: Have I missed something…?


@S80_UK wrote:

Hi Ron, All,

I have just completely rebuilt my NSLU2 since it had collected quite a bit of garbage with various attempts to improve and / or fix things over the past months. I completely reflashed the NSLU2, re-unslung (to stick), installed Firefly version 1586, and I have things working.

BUT – whenever I make a change in the web based config page I get an error, although I have found that changes do get written to the mt-daapd.conf file.

Example – if I just change the rescan interval to 0, I get the error

Error: 500general:rescan_interval

But if I restart the server, I can see that the change was made. I get similar errors for any other changes that I make.

Firefly is set up to run as guest.

Permisions on mt-daapd.conf (using ls -l )look like

-rw-r–r– 1 guest root 8277 May 21 10:21 mt-daapd.conf

Did I miss something? I have tried playing with permissions, but can’t be sure that I am doing the right thing, so I re-flashed again this morning just to be sure – and yes, it still does it.

Any ideas?



Hrm. no, that looks okay. I was just thrashing about in the config stuff recently, maybe I broke something. 🙁