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Reply To: undefined symbol in avcodec_register_all



@thorstenhirsch wrote:

Shouldn’t find these commands?

# /usr/local/bin/ /mnt/hda/share/musik/niagara/la_verite/ultravision.ogg 0 0
/usr/local/bin/ oggdec: command not found
/usr/local/bin/ wavstreamer: command not found

Yeah, maybe not. Your environment for daemons might be pretty sparse. You can edit the and add the full path to the files in the script.

And that’s probably your best best for transcoding — using ssc-script rather than ffmpeg. ffmpeg (like other open source projects I know. *cough*) doesn’t seem to ever release stable versions, which means its impossible to code for it, as the api is constantly changing. If you have a snap from another time period than I do, then our APIs are difference, and no work.

For the most part, I only added it for windows machines as they don’t have an easy way to fork+exec or popen a console program.

— Ron