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@Dezi wrote:

Thanks, I will try that…

If it doesn’t show up you have a multicast problem. There are lots of typical problems:

1. Not running the multicast daemon on the linkstation — either it was configured with –disbable-multicast, or run with a -m switch, or configured for howl or avahi without howl or avahi running.

2. Running multiple multicast daemons — using the built-in daemon when the machine is already running howl or avahi.

3. Multicast announcements are firewalled on the server. Sometimes what looks like a permissive firewall blocks stuff to the multicast address range (

4. Multicast isn’t enabled on router, so multicast on the wireless side isn’t forwarded to the wired side, so the wired client doesn’t see it. Or vice versa.

5. Reciept of multicast is firewalled on server (usually this manifests by it showing up in iTunes when the server is restarted, then disappearing a half hour or so later). Machines should allow UDP 5353 from

Those are the likely suspects.

— Ron