Reply To: server stops running (newbie)


@marcs12020 wrote:

1. Whenever I re-boot the PC, Firefly starts up and says it is running, but the SB says “no connection to server” when I enter “play firefly.” But if I restart the firefly, by selecting a different destination folder it works again (I usually back away from the source folder Z:/Music Folder and select Z:/ instead…then the next time I need to re-boot, I do the reverse.)

Right on boot it does a file scan. Is it possible that you are trying to connect to it while it’s still doing its startup scan? Because it doesn’t start serving until it finishes the startup scan.

2. No playlists are turning up in the SB, even though there are a number of m3u playlists in the destination folder. Do they need to be in a specific place? Many are stored in the artists’ subfolders, etc. I tried putting them in My Playlists subfolder, which didn’t work. But I didn’t have any reason to think that it would.

They can be anywhere under the music directory, but have to be relative, not absolute pathed. Stuff running as a service doesn’t have the same drive mappings, so if stuff has drive letters in it (like Z:) then it gets confused and can’t find the files.