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I installed the nightly and it is working much better, thanks a lot for your help.

I do still have a few less serious issues:

1. Whenever I re-boot the PC, Firefly starts up and says it is running, but the SB says “no connection to server” when I enter “play firefly.” But if I restart the firefly, by selecting a different destination folder it works again (I usually back away from the source folder Z:/Music Folder and select Z:/ instead…then the next time I need to re-boot, I do the reverse.)

2. No playlists are turning up in the SB, even though there are a number of m3u playlists in the destination folder. Do they need to be in a specific place? Many are stored in the artists’ subfolders, etc. I tried putting them in My Playlists subfolder, which didn’t work. But I didn’t have any reason to think that it would.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.