Reply To: server stops running (newbie)


@marcs12020 wrote:

Well, first I tried to exclude folders from on-access anti-virus scanning, but Firefly still kept switching into “server not currently running” mode. I can switch it back on, but it shuts off in about 15 min. Then I disabled the anti-virus just to check it, but Firefly still shut off.

If it dies with “cannot open database file”, then it’s a locking issue. Something on the windows machine is locking the db file. It could be AV software, it could be file synchronization software, it could be on-access backup software, it could be any number of things. The nightly uses a newer version of sqlite3 that tries longer and more aggressively to get a read lock on the db file without returning an error back to the client software. So it might not be AV software, it might be something else. Regardless, the fix is the updated sqlite3, which is in nightlies.

So I went and installed the “nightly” update, and now the SB reads “play firefly” but when selected states “no connection to server.”

Unless there is more log, it doesn’t look like the soundbridge is even trying to connect to the server. Thats one of two things — either the soundbridge is messed up (unplug power and reapply power), or there could be a firewall on the client (re-apply firewall exceptions for port 9999 inbound tcp).

— Ron