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@marcs12020 wrote:

The Soundbrige works better than ever (Thanks!)–much faster browse and loads. However, the firefly sometimes seems to turn itself “off” inexplicably, usually while the SB is idle, although once while playing. The SB is on a wireless connection.

This can be a couple things. If you get an error in the logs that says something like “database in use”, then it’s because antivirus software is locking the database. The fix for that is to use nightlies (, which has a new database version that is more forgiving of antivirus software.

It could also be firewall related if the service itself shows it’s still running but you can’t see it from the soundbridge. Then check to make sure you are allowing UDP port 5353 from

Also, is there a limit to the amount of songs or data that the SB can queue up? I have 200G of music, and if I try to load too much (say, all of Rock, Jazz and R&B) the SB will shut itself off!

Ya. The soundbridge itself has limited memory. When you try and shuffle a huge playlist or something, it sucks the whole database into memory, runs out of memory, and promptly falls over.

I know that’s something Roku is working on — scalability to huge playlists, and I think you’ll see a firmware update for this on the Roku side soonish.

— Ron