Reply To: 1571 cannot be installed on OpenSlug 3.1


@RigasW wrote:


I am running openslug 3.1 on my nslu2 device.

mt-daapd version 2.1 runs well, but I wanted to get something newer.

So I tried to upgrade to the Nightlies release 1571. At the end of the install process I got this message:

ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for mt-daapd:
libid3tag libogg ivorbis-tools sqlite2 alac-decoder sqlite

Any ideas?


The package I have isn’t for openslug, but for unslung. Not sure if it will even install on openslug.

I don’t actually know anyone building openslug packages. It’s something I hope to have eventually, but I have about a jillion packaging requests before that.

— Ron