Reply To: Compiling worked on Asus WL-700gE, but transcoding fails?


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But, although I had read about ogg producing noise and having updated ogg and vorbis on my NAS, it only still produces noise.
Now, as I found out, it boils down on endianess in ogg.
But what I have read about that does not ring a nice little bell in me.
Maybe you or someone else could give me a clue.
I have compiled mt-daapd, so, what’s next?

Does this use the wl500g packages? What unslung packages does this platform use?

Well, I am by no means an expert in this matter, but wl500g packages don’t work for what I know.
I have followed the excellent instructions from K.C.Furge to tweak the firmware from asus:
As you can read there we use these packages:

I updated these last week and got new ogg and vorbis packages, so I hoped the noise-problem would be over. But alas.
Further I understand the Asus WL-700gE is a Mipsel little endian machine with a broadcom chipset.
I beleive…