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I have an Asus WL-700gE with a modified firmware from K.C.Furge. See this post if you like:

Since I have bought a Roku Soundbridge I need a nightly Firefly because the stable version of mt-daapd of march 2006 is not compatible.
Now I have been trying various builds but without success, so I decided to do it the hard way, and compile it (svn-1571). That succeeded at last, with –prefix=/opt –enable-sqlite3 –enable-oggvorbis –enable-flac
I was releived after so many weeks trial and error.
But allas, despite this post:, transcoding ogg files does not work.

Actually, there is another problem: Firefly only sees a little part of all my songs, due to (what I think) is some weird naming of my directories, that came directly from the cddb. To eliminate this, I made a map ‘test’ and putted some ogg files in it, plus one mp3 file.
The .mp3 is streamed to my Soundbridge. But with an .ogg-file the Soundbridge complaints it cannot play it, and quickly skips to the next song. Amarok on my pc shows the same behaviour.

In the log I can see:
Executing /opt/sbin/ “/shares/MYV
OLUME1/MYSHARE1/Music/test/08.ogg” 0 203.000 “ogg”
If I try this myself with /opt/sbin/ “/shares/MYVOLUME1/MYSHARE1/Music/test/08.ogg” 0 203.000 “ogg” > test.wav
the file test.wav is created.

So, now some questions: I saw some posts about not working transcoding, but is it really still broken? Or is there some hope, should I do someting else that I am not aware of yet?
I also see in the web interface: Bonjour Stopped. Is that normal?

I have come so far, I hope to get over the last hurdle with some help, because I have settled on ogg as my prefered music format, and around 8000 songs are waiting…


Edit /opt/sbin/ and set the full path to the ogg and flac decoders in the top of the script file. That should do it.

— Ron