Reply To: songs.gdb growing, when my MP3 library isn’t?


@rpedde wrote:

Right. My guess on that would be that when it first starts the drive isn’t mounted, so it empties the database, then next scan it’s there, so it populates the database again.

You can always safely delete the songs.gdb to force a full scan. Maybe even add it to the S60mt-daapd startup script in /opt/etc/init.d.

Sounds entirely plausible. I dont intend to restart the NSLU2 too often, so i’ll just go with the manual deletion now-&-again.

May move to nightlies at some point also. Especially if/when UPnP is all working (or, ready to test), as I’d like to try it with my Nokia N80 phone (has 802.11g & a UPnP media player..)