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@onlineapps wrote:

I installed mt-daapd using the stable .deb package on Kubuntu Feisty. The MP3s are located in /media/WD Passport/Documents/Music (on my external hard drive). mt-daapd is installed on my main hard drive. I edited /etc/mt-daapd.conf to fit my needs. But when I start up mt-daapd (sudo mt-daapd), it doesn’t show up on my network. So I tried sudo mt-daapd -f. Here’s what happened:

This also looks like you had the 0.2.4 installed before, then upgraded over the top of it.

Try removing the app (with –purge), then re-installing it so you get the new config file. Then edit and start. Failing that, you can probably make it run by changing the db_type to “sqlite3”, which is probably what it is in the config shipped by the debian package.

— Ron