Reply To: NSLU2/Firefly setup problems


@andyg wrote:

can’t get playlists to show up on the itunes slug share even though the xml file is in the slug /mp3/itunes/ folder and also just in /mp3/
Despite that, they are showing on the playlists menu on the s/b – seems strange…

That should really do it… the log file might give more info.

just one more thing for now – how do I generate the log file? i’m having trouble locating it…

Go into the web admin, and set a path in the log file field. Maybe: /share/flash/data/public/mt-daapd.log.

Then set your debug level in the same page. 9 is most verbose. So if you have something you know you want to capture (scanning iTunes xml file), set the log level to 9, do a manual scan, wait for it to complete, then turn the debug level back down to 2 or so.

Then check the log. Or zip it and email it to me at [email protected], and I can help you out.

— Ron