Reply To: NSLU2/Firefly setup problems


well,it seems to have worked. the config file was editable/saveable & after deleting the mp3 folder and making a new one & bunging some stuff into it, the tracks show on the itunes share.

To be honest, apart from changing the permissions I don’t completely understand what changed to make the share show up but it is now streaming to the soundbridge.

a little later… transferred my entire itunes collection (100gb) to the mp3 share (to save time, I did this via smb on the mac using firewire rather than transfer over the usb cable direct to the slug – took 1 hour rather than 6 hours!) and my initial observations are:

a fair few files don’t have a ‘parent’ folder ie. looking at the itunes slug share they’re floating free – lacking tags perhaps??, even though I know they have title/album/genre/artist

can’t get playlists to show up on the itunes slug share even though the xml file is in the slug /mp3/itunes/ folder and also just in /mp3/
Despite that, they are showing on the playlists menu on the s/b – seems strange…

currently playing an album that would constantly rebuffer when streamed from the mac to the s/b but seems to stream seamlessly from the slug – now that’s an improvement!

Ron – cheers for the help – much appreciated as ever – probably more questions later as I explore further 🙄

just one more thing for now – how do I generate the log file? i’m having trouble locating it…

thanks again, andy