Reply To: NSLU2/Firefly setup problems


@andyg wrote:

I have gone down the slug route and have the following setup:

Sounds like permissions are hosed.

First, reset the permissions to default:

ssh into the box, and do something like:

$ chown -R admin:everyone /share/flash/data/public
$ find /share/flash/data/public -type d -exec chmod 775 {} ;
$ find /share/flash/data/public -type f -exec chmod 664 {} ;

that should put you back to default permissions on DISK 2.

Now, mount DISK 2. Make a folder in it called mp3, and drop a couple mp3 files in it via SMB.

Then web to the config page of the firefly server and set your mp3_dir to “/share/flash/data/public/mp3”

Then do a manual scan, and see if it comes up. It should. Then, just copy the rest of your stuff to the mp3 directory.

If you are copying from an iTunes database, you’ll have a folder (iTunes) that has all the artists in it. Drop your ‘iTunes Music Library.xml’ file in there, and it will get scanned.

— Ron