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@MCFH wrote:

Am using the latest nightly build on a NSLU2. I have some of my music stored as .aif (oh what fun a 1Tb HDD is). Firefly leaves the extension on when it is displayed on the Soundbridge whereas it is hides it for other extensions.

Also I am not having my iTunes playlists loaded (not sure on the real status of this one having looked at the forums – is it a bug or config issue these days?)


EDIT – having taken another look I realise that no meta data is being loaded for these from within the iTunes xml. unlike the .m4a files which load fin.

Right. If it can’t get metadata, it uses filename as title and no other metadata.

You’ll get iTunes metadata if you parse the iTunes Music Library.xml file.

Drop your iTunes Music Library.xml in the directory that has all the artists (normall iTunes), and it should parse it and retrieve metadata.

— Ron