Reply To: DAAP AND uPnP aka Firefly and Twonky


@gbdennis wrote:

Hi all.
So I’ve got a Thecus N2100 that’s been running firefly to my Roku for some time. Love the whole system.
Then got to thinking I’d like to do the same thing for A/V, so got myself a KISS DP-600.

I’ve added the twonkyvision MOD to my N2100.

Now when I boot up the NAS (N2100) which ever device I use first renders the other inoperable. (i.e. use DP-600, can’t use Roku, or use Roku, can’t use the DP-600 to stream movies). I reckon both software mods use the same port or something similar.

I don’t want to use twonky for the Roku as it stinks compared to using Firefly

So: Has anyone got any experience of doing exactly this?

Is there anything I can configure on either the twonky or firefly to sort this situation out as at the moment I have to reboot the server to swap from audio to av.

shouldn’t be a problem. Others are using both with success. If it is a port issue, you can change the firefly port by using the web admin, or by editing the config file directory (probably in /opt/etc/mt-daapd/mt-daapd.conf).

— Ron