Reply To: Firefly on NAS?


Alright, so I finally got it running!!! 😀 😀 😀
But a new problem…
I have the MP3 files in a directory, that when i run firefly from
my computer and runs MIONET (wich now is stopped…) is called:
Now without MIONET, I get the explorer connecting and logging in with the admin user. I now no longer sees the PUBLIC folder! How do I get that?
I still have some unsorted mp3’s there…
And also I try to move some MP3’s in the dir that have been created before and I can’t do anything with those files!
I can’t get admin access! I use the same login as when I did all those programming stuff via SSH!

And, what should the music folder in the firefly on the nas be?
Can’t get it to find any songs!