Reply To: Firefly on NAS?



I tested it and it works, but for a few things :
– I had to install zlib as well (before libid3tag)
– there is a default mt-daapd.conf under /opt/mt-daapd-svn-1586/contrib, I copied it in the directory you mention in your tutorial before making the changes; what I mean is, it didn’t exist in the /etc folders
– I had to write the softlinks for the libs the other way around : the sqlite3 and libid3tag libraries were in /usr/local/lib and I soft-linked them to /lib

And last detail, for some reason I had to launch the first scan manually from the Web interface at http://:3689/index.html

Thanks Kris, I had been looking for that!! I’m now using this MyBook World Edition with Firefly from a Soundbridge on my home hi-fi, it’s really cool.

And for others, I’m no linux guru, I just followed the instructions and looked around a bit.