Reply To: Firefly on NAS?


@britben wrote:

I finally spent the time I needed to get firefly installed and running on my Buffalo Terastation Live. It works flawlessly !

I’ve had to do a bit of messing around, but is my new best friend.

If anyone wishes to do the same, it’s very simple in the end.

1) gain telnet access to the Terastation using acp_commander
2) install the libraries for sqlite, flac, obb, vorbis, id3tags
3) install the mt-daap package for arm9 processors
4) create the startup scripts (including modifying the watchdog script)
5) Sit back and enjoy.

Congrats! I have a Terastation Live 2TB and would like to do the same. Are you transcoding FLAC? How is the performance?