Reply To: Firefly on NAS?


@dlmoc wrote:

All my files are mp3’s.

changed debug all the way up to 7.
Still only 397 songs.
Checked the log file, didn’t say anything except for song titles that it was adding.

been looking through the forums, couldn’t find any other info.

any other ideas on what it might be?

Songs with non-latin filenames? That sometimes throws things if the file names aren’t utf-8.

That’s all I can think. Turn up the debug log to 9, then look at the logs. It should show verything its doing. Look at every subdirectory before it gets to a missing song. It will either give an error when it tries to open the subdirectory, or it will generate and error when it tries to index the song, but there will be an error in the log file that exaplains whats happening.