Reply To: Firefly on NAS?


@dlmoc wrote:

Thanks! That UNC thing, I should have figured that out earlier.

One more thing, probably has nothing to do with firefly, would you know why when it scans it only finds 397 songs when I have over 12000 songs in that folder? I took the folder off and then re-entered it a couple of times, and it keeps ending up on 397. I’m guessing it’s probably another settings thing or something.

It’s either permissions, or a file type that it isn’t configured to index. Check the web admin page, there is a setting called ‘extensions’ that lists all the file extensions it will scan. If you have a bunch of .flac or .oggs or something, you’ll need to add those extensions there.

Otherwise, set the debuglevel to 5, and rescan. Check your logs and it will tell you why it won’t scan those files.

— Ron