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@jes wrote:

Hi Ron

Thanx for the link.

However I’m a non Linux/UNIX nerd, so the page looks like russian for me 🙂

Do you have a positive list on NAS servers who come preinstalled with Firefly, if any? I’m aware of the NSLU2, but I would rather have a NAS with build in HDD so it handles eg. hypernation and harddisk speed.

I’m looking for a ‘out of the box’ server or a nearly ‘out of the box’ server.

Almost all nas boxes come with 0.2.4. Certainly anything that says that it has support for iTunes does. I believe there are some that are going to ship with a svn version (1376 or 1489), Infrant among them, but I can’t be sure. Most device manufacturers don’t really share their future shipping plans with me. 🙂