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@andybuckley wrote:

I’m running the packaged version from Ubuntu Feisty – not quite sure what options that’s been compiled with. Is there any easy way to find out?

I’m not yet au fait with mDNS, Avahi etc., so my progress so far has been pretty haphazard. Should Firefly with the Avahi/Howl option be all that I’ll need to get streaming working on my home LAN?

Thanks for the help,

based on a conversation on another thread, there are a couple things:

1. Avahi doesn’t start by default. Check your /etc/default/avahi-server (i think?) and make sure it’s set to start at boot
2. Once avahi is running, restart the mt-daapd server. It should appear.

It will probably disappear after a couple hours — looks like feisty has a built-in firewall that disallows multicast. You’ll need to enable incoming UDP on 5353 from to make the mdns work.

That’s all the info I have now, and I don’t know how or where to set up the firewall on feisty. Maybe I will tonight, as I hope to upgrade my build server to feisty on amd64, so I can do 64 bit builds and debugging.

— Ron