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I’ve spent a couple of evenings trying to get Firefly working on my home network. I have a Linux desktop/server (Ubuntu, now Feisty for about a week) with Firefly installed and a load of FLAC files. I can get to the Firefly web interface on port 3689 and the files have been detected.

However, using Rhythmbox on either the server or my laptop (another Ubuntu Feisty) I don’t see any music share being offered by Firefly. The Firefox DAAP plugin is definitely enabled – actually, if I run the desktop and laptop Rhythmboxes at the same time, each sees the shared music on the other so DAAP definitely isn’t being blocked. Any ideas how I can get Firefly working properly / test why it isn’t working at the moment?

I’ve seen previous forum posts about multicast networking, UDP packets and firewalls – I’ve explicitly verified that the firewall on my Edimax ADSL/LAN router is disabled. And anyway, the successful DAAP exports from the Rhythmboxes suggest that DAAP doesn’t seem to have any trouble propagating on the network…

Thanks in advance!

If you are using rhythmbox, then you already have an mdns responder, either avahi or howl. Did you compile firefly with the –enable-howl or –enable-avahi flags?