Reply To: Quick go to new Album ?


@Charly86 wrote:


played a lot with playlists and from my point of view I’d like to have a ‘sort by’ feature but that is not my problem for now.

I’ve got a static playlist for each album I have and the playlist shows good in playlists menu. but I’d like to quick launch playlist of my new albums (aka listen new albums)

How can I do (tested this function on slimserver really I miss it) to quick display my new playlists since ordering playlists is not possible ?

Also I tried to do dynamic playlists but this return all songs name without artists name, really hard to select a new album like this.

thanks for help…

I’m not sure what you are asking. I’ve never used slimserver, so I don’t know how it works. Also, I’m not sure what you are using as a client.

Could you give a description of how you think things should work? Like, a step by step description of what you would do and what you would expect to see?