Reply To: Firefly as mp3 file scanner


@Mike wrote:

I use mt-daapd and mythtv, and the mythmusic module in mythtv is woefully poor at handling corrupt mp3 files. Scanning my music directory with mythmusic can crash mythfrontend (thankfully not the backend) if there are corrupt mp3 files there. I’ve turned up logging in mt-daapd and run a full (and painfully agressive) scan, which turned up some files that were obviously damaged (0 byte files, etc).

I’m wondering if mt-daapd does any deeper scanning of the files in my music directory. I’d like to be made aware of any files I have that are damaged in any way, and while this isn’t mt-daapd’s intended purpose, it does happen to be scanning all my files once an hour, so it doesn’t seem so unreasonable. Is the scanning limited to determining track length, or is there anything more robust going on?

No, it’s doing a full tag scan, but it’s using libid3tag. So it’s libid3tag that’s robust in this instance. If you can email me a file that crashes myth, I can see if I can see why and maybe emit a warning when it sees something that looks wrong.