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@cstern wrote:

It seems doable, but being a complete imbecile with regard to Linux and hacking I think (for me) it is better left to those capable of doing such things. Also I am not really sure what to do – the kwaak project seems a bit preliminary at this point.

err, yeah. I guess I should have said “seems hackable if you don’t really care if you brick it”. Still, even without jtag, it looks safe to flash. USB looks to be the only thing not working on the kernels that are floating around. So using that and a debian “mkbootstrap”, you could probably be in business with etch.

Course, again, that’s only if you don’t mind potentially bricking it. 🙂

So for me it would be easier if Firefly could just ignore/wait/retry if the NAS is (temporarily) unavailable.

Thanks for the link anyway – it was interesting

np. I have been thinking about that issue, though, and I may figure something to do with it. It really is harder than it seems, though.