Reply To: Time-out for off-line files


@fizze wrote:

Well, since there are no real numbers out there for the SS4400, I suppose you don’t have any?

I currently use the NSLU2, which is really slow, I/O wise. But its enough to even stream HDTV video content, so there is no way the SS4400 can possibly be slower. 😉

It is SS4000-E not SS4400-E – I haven’t heard about a SS4400 – but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

The storage is not slow in the sense that is is serving the files slowly – but the access time is sometimes very long, 2-5 sec or so – which can seem forever when you expect the files to pop up immediately.

It does it’s job, but I am used to real servers at work where the response is like when the disks are inside your own PC.

After all this is a semi-pro device priced accordingly, so I guess you can not ask too much, performance-wise.

I might take the device apart so I can get to the serial port and try to connect to it – it is not possible to telnet via the ethernet port.