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My music is located on a NAS drive, which I have to turn on before it it is available. Firefly is running on one of my PCs and everything works fine.

One small problem is that if the NAS is off (e.g. at boot time) the firefly server quickly “sees” that and – obviously – serves zero files. The songs3.db file is also emptied. When the NAS is back on line, firefly has to re-index the whole music storage (12000 files) and it takes quite a while.

My suggestion is that, when defining the location of the music, it should be possible to mark the location as volatile/removable – and if it is not there, the server should gracefully wait until it becomes available -keeping the songs.db file intact. For instance it could probe the location with intervals (user definable) and resume normal operation when it is back on line.

This way the index files (songs3.db etc) are not unnessesarrily rebuilt.

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Claus Sternberg

doing this right turns out to be harder than it seems. I think probably something like this will be done, but I’m not entirely sure how at this point.