Reply To: Itunes and IDX files


@pinkyastro wrote:

Can anyone help? I had a PC that was no longer working. I paid a company to have my hard drive information saved to DVD’s so to use in the future. I decided to buy a mac. I tried to open my itunes from the PC onto my mac and they open as a CA00.IDX. I have no idea how to open them in itunes on my mac. Apple wanted to charge me $30.00 just to talk to them b/c my I-Pod was no longer under warranty but could not promise they could fix the problem. Any thoughts? I dont want to loose all those songs. If you havent already figured out, I am not very computer savy.

I don’t know what a CA00.IDX file is, but it certainly isn’t music. Google seems to think they are temp files created by Nero when burning audio cds. Not sure.

I’d keep looking — perhaps the music files are on another disc, because those don’t seem to be them.

— Ron