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@fizze wrote:

Yesyes 😉

I can’t seem to find decent specs/docs on (g)dbm – any hints?

In terms of using it as a backend? Not ready yet. That’s the great db restructuring. I want to be able to use gdbm again as a backend. It was really fast in 0.2.4, and while the sqlite database was nice in that it made viewing and editing the db easy, it also slowed down performance on small machines.

Other than that, do the smart playlists always have to return songs?
Does the soundbridge f.i. also cope with albums or whatever?

Thats the feature I like the most, being able to select a certain artist, and then quickly playing an album, refining that search.

That behaviour would be much appreciated within smart playlists, also. At least optionally.

Hmm.. not sure how to do that, or even how to fake that kind of behavior. The SB though, naturally does that. If you browse by artist, it shows you automatically the albums by that artist. Then you can choose to browse by those albums, or play all. Kind of like the ipod interface.

Or am I misunderstanding you?